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I’d like to personally introduce you to Ninnescah Homestead. We are located along the south fork of the Ninnescah River, named by the Osage Native Americans who first settled this land. The word 'ninnescah' means 'sweet water.'

We are growing on twenty acres that consists of a pollinator meadow, garden, and plenty of room for the kids to roam. Our little farm has grown over the years and now we have a trio of jersey dairy cows, kunekune pigs and a flock of laying hens.

I started this blog as a way to document our journey as we learned how to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. What I didn’t expect to find were tens of thousands of people who have the same passion! Now I speak to gardening groups, contribute to published books and teach local classes about all things homesteading.

What began as a place to share gardening tips has turned into a community of folks who want to know how to live traditionally. This encompasses recipes, preserving food, hunting, gardening, and so much more. I share recipes that are hearty, simple and from scratch. I'm so happy you're here!

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When we bought the property in 2013, we had two sons, Madden & Sam. Aaron was working as a biologist for the state and I was a dental hygienist. I remember walking into this home for the first time and telling Aaron that it was perfect just as it was, and we wouldn't have to do a thing to it... I also remember knowing that I had a mental laundry list of ideas!

Most of our initial home projects were of the boring variety, you know the ones. Updating the HVAC and replacing the roof. B-O-R-I-N-G. We had another baby, Abe, and we decided that it could work for me to stay at home and raise the boys. Our budget was small, but with Aaron's skills and my willingness to paint (and paint and paint), we were able to create a home that we have absolutely loved.

There are several inside projects I’d still like to work on, but we aren’t in a hurry. Our focus has been building the homestead infrastructure.

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We knew that growing our own food was a priority, and it has been quite a learning process! We definitely aren’t all the way there yet.

The first step was creating a raised bed garden. We have been loving it for four years now. The boys splash and play in the stock tank pool and I have developed a full-blown gardening addiction! The gardening has led to preserving foods through canning, freeze drying and dehydrating.

Feel free to check out OUR GARDEN page for more tips and tricks for growing fresh produce and my PRESERVING FOOD category. It's updated seasonally! You also might enjoy a closer look at our greenhouse.

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In addition to growing fruits and veggies, Aaron and the boys are avid hunters and bring home delicious seasonal wild game for meat! Let's play a game. Never have I ever eaten elk... or deer heart... or bear... or squirrel. Anyone still raising their hand?

I hope you can get my humor, because while all of that may sound crazy, it is completely true. I have a passion for cooking and love the unprocessed and natural wild game. It completely aligns with my passion for simplicity and love of cooking. Don't worry, I cook other things, too!

If you you'd like to find recipes from our kitchen, they can be found in our RECIPES FROM SCRATCH page. I also have a passion for bread and share my favorite recipes in the SOURDOUGH category.

You can also follow me on Instagram @ninnescahhomestead for more daily life snippets.

I'm glad you are here! Please say hello in the comments!

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Homesteading - Ninnescah Made (2024)
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