The Best Graphic Design Platforms You Can Use in 2022 (2024)

Creating Visual Content, as a Visual or Graphic designer, is Much Easier with Well-Known Graphic Design Platforms.

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Growing up, I spent hours in my dad’s darkroom developing photographs. Every trip to the doctor meant getting a kid’s pack of instant film (I had an eidetic memory). I could see something and then make it with my hands — so it was no surprise that I wanted to take pictures of everything too.

Everywhere my family went, I had a Polaroid camera in hand. I loved taking pictures of my family and friends, but sometimes there was an awkward pause when I’d say, “Can I take a picture?” Also, I liked drawing things and making colored paintings. It was an innocent habit that drove me to pursue anything with colors, designs, backgrounds, and visual effects.

With experience, education, and technology, I became obsessed with graphic design and visual content. Let me share with you the best graphic design platforms you will fall in love with if you have the instinct of creating unique graphic content.

If you’re a graphic designer, whether you’re looking to start your career in a new field or increase your skill set, it can be difficult to find the right tools at the right price. Well, thanks to these Graphic Design websites, there are now easy-to-navigate tutorials and videos on the best design platforms out there that anyone can use.

These sites will help market yourself as a professional graphic designer and help grow your resume for future opportunities in just a few months.

However, before getting started, I wanted to provide some insight into what each of these services do and how they work so that users know what they’re getting into.

1. 99 designs

99 designs are one of the most well-known sites to get your creative juices flowing. Through a platform that is much more like eBay than anything else, graphic designers get to bid on different projects, with the winning one being awarded the cash prize.

Designers can also expect feedback from clients along the way and see the sort of quality that they’re expected to create.

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2. Dribble

Through Dribble, graphic designer can share their work with other creatives from around the world and get feedback from other designers who are your peers and maybe a little bit better than you. The community is active and often share work as it goes from conception to completion.

3. The Freelancers Union

The union is a great place for graphic designers to get expert advice from other professionals who are looking to connect with the same type of jobs that you’re working on. This is also a great site for designers who want to start a freelance career, as you’ll be able to meet plenty of these people in the comments sections as well.

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4. Namecheap

Namecheap is another amazing source for graphic designers to find freelance jobs and have their work showcased alongside their names in a great way. If you’re looking to expand your network or simply looking for some extra cash, this website will definitely help you out. Plus, it’s free!

5. Envato Elements

With Envato Elements, you’ll have access to a large number of high-quality projects that can really help you hone your skills and expand your portfolio. There are also some great resources out there to help you figure out exactly what the best way is for you to grow your business.

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6. Webflow

Webflow is one of those sites that will definitely get tiring to look through, but it’s a great way for graphic designers showcase their work in the best ways possible. There’s a ton of different designs and styles that users can choose from, so there’s something for every kind of designer out there.

7. Digital Ocean

For graphic designers who are looking to really get their own website setup, Digital Ocean is one of the best places to start. It’s free and simple to use, and it’s a great way for you to have a URL for your portfolio and update it constantly with the latest work that you’ve done.

The Best Graphic Design Platforms You Can Use in 2022 (7)

8. Behance

When it comes to social media platforms intended for creatives, Behance is one of the best options out there. You can share your work with others who are interested in design and get feedback along the way. Plus, if you post regularly and share it actively, anyone can hire you or offer feedback on specific projects that they might want help with as well.

Try more graphic design platforms and experience if they can fit your preferences and work style.

If you want to create your first account, feel free to use my link below.

If you want more information about this topic, feel free to visit my website.

Thanks for reading!

The Best Graphic Design Platforms You Can Use in 2022 (2024)
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