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One of the highlights of 2021 was having quality cooking and food memes to lean on for entertainment. Some memes this year were popular for their ability to perfectly convey a well-known truth by adding an element of comedy, while others were just relatable the way memes often are. A number of circulating memes made reference to popular television shows and celebrities. With all of the cooking show personalities who have become part of the larger culture, this comes as no surprise. Many food memes creatively took on culinary traditions, poking fun at holidays and even well-accepted kitchen ingredients a lot of us take for granted.

If you love keeping up with food trends on TikTok, and can't get enough of celebrity chefs and their antics, you'll definitely enjoy scrolling through some of this year's best memes about food. Staying up to date with what people are thinking about and discussing is made easier by memes, which are concise and shareable. In some ways, memes are a perfect form of communication. They're certainly fun.

The squid waiting game

We've all been there. The food has been ordered, and now it's time to wait. This can feel like ages, of course, when you're hungry and looking forward to the moment when you finally get the food in your hands. The meme above perfectly captures this sentiment with a still from the television show, and cultural phenomenon, "Squid Game," which premiered in late 2021 on Netflix.

According to CNET, the show "Squid Game" is "full of meme material." That explains why so many memes cropped up following its explosion in popularity. The actors did an amazing job of expressing complex emotions, and this helped the characters to resonate with American viewers, who were likely watching a dubbed or subtitled version of the show. Given the dark themes of the show, using these characters to convey a joke is perfectly ironic. Using them to convey a joke about food is even better, since food was actually an important element of the storyline, even spurring on a bloody battle between the hungry characters (via Lifestyle Asia).

Of course, you don't have to have watched "Squid Game" to appreciate this particular meme. It's enough to know the feeling.

Beyoncé or food?

Man, is Beyoncé looking especially tasty lately, or am I looking at delicious snacks? It may be hard to tell the difference after many hours online, and this meme makes clear that sometimes we need to be reminded of our priorities. If food isn't high on your list, it ought to be. I mean, just look at those perfectly glazed donuts. Few things in life can bring the kind of joy that good food does. In a way, a delicious meal is a life hack, since it will not only give you needed calories but can also instantly boost your mood, according to the BBC. Some might call this a twofer.

Next time you're thinking of making some sad meal replacement shake, remember this meme and be reminded of all the beautiful and delicious things in life. You might also find yourself thinking of pancakes, pizza, burgers, and donuts next time you see an image ofBeyoncé. Of course, there are worse problems to have.


Don't fear, the Mayonster isn't actually real. People were fooled by this viral image though, and erupted with reactions, with many trying to figure out what the heck Heinz was thinking by manufacturing what seems to be a Monster energy drink flavored mayonnaise (via TheFocus). Other combo sauces by Heinz do actually exist. Mayochup, a Heinz product that mixes mayonnaise and ketchup, is real. The label for this and other combos has apparently sparked the imaginations of some folks who are skilled with photo editing. Food Review UK credits Doctor Photograph with the original Mayonster image, and played along on April Fool's last year by pretending that they had actually tried it.

In addition to Mayonster, the Instagram account for Doctor Photograph has made people think there is such as thing as Mayoreo, a stomach-turning combination of Oreo cookies and Heinz mayonnaise. PR Week even covered the internet hoax with a story that points out Heinz responded on Twitter to say they were intrigued by the idea, and Oreo's Twitter account expressed the same. Let's just hope that Mayoreo and Mayonster remain off the shelves, and out of our nightmares.

We may not be strong, but we are big

Eating all your food is a double-edged sword, as the fluffy star of this meme shows us. On the one hand, you aren't being wasteful, and you're nourishing your body. Or, at least you're getting calories. On the other hand, too many of those calories can come back to bite you. Turns out, cleaning your plate isn't always the best strategy. Aside from making you lethargic, overstuffing yourself can have serious consequences for your health. Insider reports that overeating can lead to headaches, fatigue, and weight gain. Plus, it just isn't very comfortable to be overly full. As this chubby kitty demonstrates, there can be too much of a good thing.

Slowing down while eating is easier said than done, but it may be the ticket to fitting nicely into your overalls. Better to enjoy what you're eating and know when to stop, rather than end up like this poor cat, on your back and unable to move. You've got to admit he's cute, though.

Breakfast for dinner demon

There are few things more satisfying than having breakfast items for dinner. Perhaps even later than dinner. Many of us have fond memories of hitting the local diner with friends in the middle of the night. But what do you do when your friends are already asleep and the pancake urge comes creeping? Well, you allow your inner pancake demon to cook for you, of course.

Pancakes are just one of those perfect foods. They're pretty easy to make, using a limited number of ingredients, in addition to being delicious and filling. It's important to have syrup on hand, to be sure. It would be awfully disappointing to go through the process of making pancakes only to find out you don't have their necessary topping. You definitely don't want your snack demon to get mad at you.

Whether you're tossing some sheet pan pancakes in the oven or using the traditional stovetop method, this meme will make perfect sense to anyone who has skulked quietly into the kitchen to satisfy this late-night craving.

Pizza vs. exercise

There are fitness nuts, and there are food nuts, and there is little to speak of in between. That makes conversations between the two groups, well, awkward at times. That said, there are solutions, such as this pizza cutting bike, which can give athletic fingers a short workout while you prepare your pizza for consumption. The best part is, you don't have to lie to your health nut friends, as you can honestly say you've been on a bike recently. You might want to keep how small that bike was to yourself, though. No need to ruin the fun.

One of the best things about this meme is the tiny message on the bike, which reads "Tour de pizza." They're really going all-in on the joke. In addition to saying you "go biking," in a sense, you could also say that you took part in a bike tour. Yes, pizza is the thing you are touring on this tiny bike, but that doesn't really matter. If Jennifer Lawrence can eat pizza to her heart's content, so can we.

It's never clean

No matter how hard you scrub, your plastic food storage containers are going to let you down. Three washes later, it somehow always still has pasta sauce residue. Trying to get your food containers clean can be a losing battle sometimes, and you might even be tempted to throw in the towel. In other words, you might be tempted to throw the whole thing in the garbage. Though this isn't the most environmentally friendly thing to do, the desire to just toss your Tupperware when it is covered in stubborn stains is definitely relatable.

You could always switch to glass containers, which are a bit easier to clean. Or, you could try out this viral TikTok hack for cleaning your plastic containers after they've become stained. All you need is some warm water, dish soap, and paper towels. If it worked for others, it can work for you too, and spare you from taking drastic measures.

If you've seen 'Squid Game,' you know

You never get to know ahead of time what kind of life you are going to inherit, and this meme encapsulates that difficulty by making reference to what may be the most disappointing candy ever. The stars of Netflix's "Squid Game" actually demonstrated their personal techniques for playing the Dalgona game in a video forThe Swoon on YouTube. It's harder than it looks to carve these shapes out with a needle without breaking the image in the candy. For those with the umbrella shape, the challenge is significantly greater and requires even more care.

It makes sense that this meme has been popular this year. It's understandable to anyone who knows the rules from "Squid Game," and probably very relatable for people who are struggling. Things could certainly be worse though; just imagine having to succeed at this game because your life was on the line. You definitely don't want to be team umbrella in that case.

Push-Up Pops were good though

Don't lie, you used to love these things. The frozen sherbert hidden in what is, yes, essentially a toilet paper roll was one of the most delicious treats an '80s or '90s kid could beg their parents for. This little tube was all over the place back in the day and makes for a pleasant memory, even if we have to admit now that it is curiously similar to the same thing we pull our toilet paper from. The popularity of this meme can be explained by how Push-Up Pops were really enjoyable when we were kids, but are also kind of ridiculous when you think about them.

Though these are still sold today, they don't seem to have the same cultural importance as they did a decade or two ago. So, it will be left to those who remember them fondly to visit the nostalgia Reddit and share memes like this when they come around. Now that we're older, we probably aren't buying these anymore.

Never gonna give you up, tacos

It's hard to find true friends, so it's best not to give up on the ones who are always there for you. Tacos, for example. Late at night, when you're all alone and hungry, tacos have been there. They're the perfect snack, perfect meal, perfect treat. Practically everyone loves tacos, and for good reason. They're amazing, after all. Don't punish them just because you think a diet is the answer this week. Tacos are your friend.

As this adorable chihuahua seems to be realizing, there is something suspicious about needing to give up on a food that brings so much joy. It's worth rationalizing adding delicious tacos back into your diet if they're really that important to you. Besides, what are you going to eat instead? You could make a salad, or you could make a taco salad. Tacos aren't that much different from salads anyway. As The Healthy makes clear, tacos can even be good for you so long as you don't overdo it with unhealthy toppings. See, problem solved. No need to cut out your precious tacos after all.

Loud snacks

Sorry, neighbors. These chips are happening. Whether you're watching Netflix or YouTube, sometimes you can't help but add subtitles because the munch is just too much. There are even times you may have to pause what you're watching because the snacks are just too distracting, but oftentimes, you just put on subs because you can't hear over the crunching and chewing noise. This funny situation is one we've all experienced at some point, so of course, this meme arrived to let us know we're not alone.

According to NME, young people tend to prefer watching shows with subtitles turned on. Apparently, 80% of 18-24-year-olds who responded to a survey from Stagetext used subtitles. If we're being honest, we all know it's because watching a show is so much better when you get to snack at the same time. You can't truly chill on the couch if you don't have your favorite munchies nearby. Until the day when we can chew silently, we're definitely going to be turning on subtitles so we can multitask in peace.

Leave us alone, zombie vegetables

It's funny how when you want to use vegetables, you find yourself asking how they rotted so quickly. Yet, when they're fresh, we just wonder, "Why did we even buy these when what we really want is takeout?" Next thing you know, you've made a promise to yourself that you'll cook tomorrow. Repeat this process until the vegetables in your fridge drawer look like something out of "The Walking Dead." Ta-da, your life is now meme material.

An unfortunate truth about these bad habits is that Americans waste more food than people who live anywhere else in the world, according to The Atlantic. When food is cheap and people are picky, you start to see wasteful habits like ours. If you want to try and reduce your waste so that your zombie produce will stop guilt-tripping you, try meal prepping. Batching your meals will make the decision to eat at home at little easier, and you won't have to cook every night to have food that is ready to eat. Plus, you'll save money. It's a win-win for you and for all the veggies that just want to feel useful.

We are all judges in our hearts

There is something so satisfying about watching people be taken down a notch. Like armchair philosophers who wax poetic about things they have no experience in, armchair chefs enjoy weighing in with their "expert" opinions on how other people screwed up. It might be mean, but it happens to be fun.

With Gordon Ramsay being television's quintessential mean chef, we tend to root for him to say the things we're thinking. He not only does that, but he goes a step further and sometimes absolutely humiliates those whose work he is judging. We all remember the "idiot sandwich" meme from the "Hell's Cafeteria" skit in 2015. Since then, we've all known that Ramsay has the sickest burns imaginable, and somehow his attitude has even affected how watchers interpret mistakes from contestants. If you find yourself echoing Ramsay, even if you can't cook to save your life, you're not alone. We all do it sometimes.

Spinach is a decepticon

If any vegetable is a shapeshifter, it is spinach. A number of memes this year cropped up to poke fun at the fact that you lose an incredible amount of volume by cooking spinach. This observation has become common enough, and remains funny enough, that it's spawned an entire series of similar photos (via Meme Monkey). One early example comes fromMike Ginn on Twitter, who got nearly 20k likes for the side-by-side images. Though clearly an exaggeration, it's not far from the truth and remains relatable for anyone who has bought spinach only to find they'll get just a few bites of it once it has been cooked.

The LA Times even wrote up an explanation for the shrinking leaf phenomenon all the way back in 1994. Apparently, it's caused by water loss as the spinach cooks. The article also points out that 20 cups of raw spinach will give you only about two cups of cooked spinach. It seems crazy, but for those who have seen this magic with their own eyes, the meme makes the point well.

Stuck jars

It's the worst when you're struggling with a jar and someone is not only able to open it for you, but has the nerve to make it look easy. Worse yet is when you don't have a helping hand to get your jars open and you find yourself in the very situation this meme describes. You've tried to pry it open, you've used a towel to get a better grip, and you've even run the jar under hot water to try and loosen it. None of these things seem to work when you have an especially tough jar. The failure to accomplish this simple thing may lead you to think you aren't quite as independent as you had believed.

Not to worry, because there are tons of tips available online to get jars open. Mashed has previously shared that it can be done with a bottle opener, releasing the seal so you can twist the jar open with ease. Now you don't have to feel useless, because you can best even the toughest jar with this trick.

The basics

It's always baffling when people get overly excited about a meal that uses just a few basic ingredients. Even more confusing is that some people don't even use basic spices and flavors when cooking. You may want to ask who taught them, and if they were actually taught anything at all in the kitchen. Have pity on those who have not yet learned of the delights that a bit of salt, oil, onion, and garlic can bring to a dish. Consider what they have missed out on in all those years they have failed to bring even the most basic ingredients into their dishes.

You can always point these folks towards "Cooking Basics forDummies." They might be surprised to find that they can cook meals that actually taste good with little effort and just a few ingredients. You could help save someone from bad food just by sharing a little knowledge with them. It will definitely help you out too if you ever go over to their place for dinner.

What's up with red onion

As Eric Andre put it, "Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?" (viaKnow Your Meme). The fact that red onions are actually a fairly purple hue isn't the first perplexing thought to emerge from the world of food. USA Today points out that foods like Bombay duck (actually, it's fish) and plum pudding (which contains no plums) are also misleading. So what's the story with "red" onion?

This meme makes a fair point, but there is an answer to resolve this confusion.Allrecipes explains that red onions, though often more purple in color, were used historically to make red dyes at a low cost. Additionally, in the past, the word "red" referred to a much wider spectrum of colors than we use it for today. There's no need to worry about this any longer, and now you can tell everyone why these purple onions are still called red onions today.

Danger lettuce

Yeah, we're going to need a produce rinse, stat. This meme is hilarious because it so accurately conveys the horror we feel when trying to rid our produce of the ominous black dots on its surface while knowing we cannot win. The dirt seems to be waiting for the chance to get into your body, and if you're a clean freak, you might feel like your produce is never quite ready to eat.

The FDAshares tips on cleaning fruits and vegetables properly so you can put that mocking bacteria clinging to your lettuce in its place. Water alone isn't always enough to get the job done, and some of these germs can be seriously harmful to your health. The CDC tells us that Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria are all possible contaminants on your produce that could make you sick. So, have a laugh at the difficulty of getting produce squeaky clean, but make sure you put in the effort and give it a thorough rinse for your own sake.

You can never have too much garlic

You've got to feel sorry for folks who don't love garlic. In many ways, it is a perfect food, or at least a perfect ingredient. Garlic lovers know that you can never have too much garlic, and this meme was clearly made by someone in that camp. Garlic breath is not even a consideration for allium enthusiasts. It's worth whatever consequences to have delicious food infused with the flavor of garlic.Another great meme from Guys That Cook on Instagram shares a similar sentiment, but with a gigantic clove of garlic as big as a fist. That would definitely save some time, as peeling and chopping can take a while.

Those in the know will have shortcuts ready to deployto reduce prep time, such as frozen garlic, squeeze tubes, or jarred garlic. You could always follow the shaking method from Feel Good Foodie if you strongly prefer fresh garlic. However you do it, your meal will be better for having a little extra garlic.

Hanger: it's not a myth

We're all familiar with the way our stomach can sometimes turn us into actual monsters when we haven't been fed for a while. If you're lucky, you've only had to witness hanger in others and haven't experienced it yourself (though hopefully you were able to do so at a distance). This mixture of hungry and angry is never pretty, and can lead to regrettable temper tantrums — and yes, filling a room with negative energy as you begin to boil over. This mood is captured well by this meme that shows Christopher Walken looking a bit peeved.

Health suggests that being hangry is not just an excuse, but a very real thing, resulting from our hormones responding to low blood sugar. They suggest that carrying snacks can help to ward off this condition for those who tend to feel irritable when they are hungry. It's worth it to ward off a fight, or at least to not be glowering at people who have done nothing but be around you when a hangry mood strikes.

That's a wild thought

Bob Ross and Gordon Ramsay seem like they couldn't be more different. These men are experts in their respective fields of art and cooking, yet are polar opposites in other ways, representingtwo extremes of personality. Imagining Ross gently telling chefs that their mistakes are no big deal, or Ramsay harshly criticizing someone's tree painting is a hilarious thought. It seems like these situations would have to take place in an alternate universe, but they could be great ideas for the next big reality shows.

The meme is perfect because it gets you thinking about how we've become so used to these men in their respective situations. Imagining them in alternate scenarios is actually not that hard to do, and people love it because this leaves you with an unexpected desire to see this come to life. Both Ross and Ramsay are beloved and famous for their own reasons,but it may be for the best if they stay in their own shows. Ramsay probably wouldn't encourage people to make very good paintings anyway.

What have you done to me

This dumpling, or scoop of mashed potatoes, or whatever it is, is enough to inspire someone to write the next big horror flick. We love this meme because it anthropomorphizes the dish, giving us a peek into what the psyche of food might want to express if food had a psyche. Of course, it's funnier to think about food being upset with how you've botched the cooking process rather than thanking you for a job well done.

At the risk of offending your food enough that it manages to send you a message in the form of a horrified face, you might want to tread lightly in the kitchen. Or, if you can't cook at all, then maybe you should stick to takeout. You certainly don't want to summon a demon, as this person seems to have done. Better to make nothing at all than to waste your ingredients on something inedible.

Love of food on display

This person might have a hard time not biting their nails. From mashed potatoes to corn, red beans, and even pineapple ham, these nails have a lot going on. For those who thought theGrandma ThanksgivingRap Songwas a banger, you'll probably already be singing along in your head while looking at these nails. As the song goes, "I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, turkey, rabbits ... you name it!"

For obvious reasons, this photo was circulating as a meme around Thanksgiving, and you have to imagine that these nails were the topic of a lot of conversation at the dinner table. The details in the nails are actually pretty well done, even if they are a little over-the-top. For those who truly love food, though, this might actually be the perfect way of showing it off. This person definitely gets points for creativity, but these nails may be hard to wear if the constant images of food leave you feeling hungry all the time.

Thanksgiving forever

Thanksgiving is easily the food lover's ultimate holiday. The best part of Thanksgiving is not, as some may think, the turkey. Those in the know will tell you that mashed potatoes are the real star of the show. This woman happily kayaking down a river of gravy surrounded by mountains of mashed potatoes is living the dream. We look forward all year to getting together with family and chowing down on amazing food.

After the feast, you'll likely have leftovers for days. Of course, one of the first things to run out tends to be the mashed potatoes. Somehow, this food always hits the spot, stealing the spotlight from the main dish. Until Thanksgiving rolls around again, you might find yourself daydreaming of having mountains of the good stuff in your fridge. Of course, you can make mashed potatoes whenever you want. It doesn't change the fact that Thanksgiving is a magical day.

The Absolute Best Food Memes Of 2021 - Mashed (2024)


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Potatoes! There are so many different ways to cook them – fried, boiled, stewed, roasted, or even baked – that we'd never get tired of eating them. They grow everywhere, even in places with poor climates, so we would never run out of them.

Where are Meme's recipes located? ›

  • Where is MEME'S RECIPES, LLC located? MEME'S RECIPES, LLC is located at 104 Acorn Dr Anderson, SC, 29621-2403 United States.
  • What is MEME'S RECIPES, LLC's industry? MEME'S RECIPES, LLC is in the industry of Offices of Other Health Practitioners.
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The only food which comes close to being something you could survive on long term as a sole ingredient is the potato. The fact that the potato has Vitamin C means that scurvy is not a risk like it would be with almost any other food source lacking in this nutrient.

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Diane Altman Leary

MeMe has been cooking for family and friends all her life, and Sunday lunch at her house is a standing appointment. She usually has between 12 and 22 guests and the only requirement is that they first fill a church pew. Several years ago MeMe's grandchildren began inquiring about her recipes.

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Central New Yorkers behind the "Mr. Food Test Kitchen" TV show, filmed in Fort Lauderdale and airing nationally. They are director Dave Tinsch, originally from Syracuse; recipe developer Patty Rosenthal, originally from Westvale; and host Howard Rosenthal, originally from DeWitt.

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Go Nuts for Nuts and Nut Butters

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  • Grains. Ready-to-eat cereal, crackers, pretzels, ...
  • Water. Enough for 1 gallon per day.

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What are some of the most nutritious foods? Some of the most nutritious foods you can eat are oily fish, eggs, avocados, potatoes, and green leafy vegetables.

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