Survivor 45: Where Are The Contestants Now? (2024)

‘Survivor 45,’ famous for its strategic gameplay, physical challenges, and iconic tribal council, was aired on CBS in September 2023. ‘Survivor’ has maintained its popularity over the years due to its unpredictable twists, compelling contestants, and the harsh conditions in which the contestants must live. As ‘Survivor 45’ concluded, fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter of the show’s legacy. As we bid farewell to the latest group of castaways, the question lingers: Where are these contestants now, navigating the challenges of post-island life?

Dee Valladares is an Entrepreneur Today

Survivor 45: Where Are The Contestants Now? (1)

Dee Valladares, the triumphant winner of ‘Survivor 45,’ has embarked on a remarkable journey since her victory. In a touching moment, she shared a heartfelt video with her parents, announcing her win. Previously associated with Drata as a Sales Development professional, Dee co-founded Wanaroam in 2019, marking her entrepreneurial prowess. A former sales and marketing specialist at Pure Compounding Pharmacy, Dee candidly revealed in an interview with Parade that her career path shifted from psychology due to financial considerations. Now residing in Miami, Dee, with the newfound popularity from the show, is poised to elevate her business to greater heights. Her commitment to success and innovation is evident, making her a force to be reckoned with in the business world.

Austin Li Coon is Currently Pursuing MBA

Austin Li Coon, the charismatic runner-up of ‘Survivor 45,’ embarked on a post-show adventure, jetting off to Korea alongside fellow contestant Drew Basile for a refreshing trip. A testament to the lasting friendships forged on the island, Austin is frequently seen enjoying moments with Julie Alley, Dee Valladares, and Drew Basile. In the aftermath of the show, Austin launched a blog and is also sharing his journey in chronological order on social media. He also introduced the AUSTIN X SURVIVOR merchandise on his website, providing fans with a tangible piece of his experience. Candidly acknowledging his shift from obscurity to being a topic of speculation on various forums, Austin reflects on the excitement of newfound recognition.

A multifaceted individual, Austin has delved into academia, currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Adding a touch of flair to his resume, Austin holds a Guinness World Record for the most nuts thrown and caught in a can on the head in one minute, a feat accomplished in October 2020. In matters of the heart, Austin is already in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Jessica Gingerich. Despite the potential disappointment for those fans hoping for a love connection between Austin and Dee, Austin and Jessica’s happiness radiates through their frequent social media posts.

Jake O’Kane is Working With Dance Dimension Studio

Jake O’Kane, the charismatic runner-up of ‘Survivor 45,’ has seamlessly blended law, fashion, and fitness into his dynamic post-show life. A practicing attorney, Jake has expanded his horizons by venturing into the fashion world with his clothing merchandise, showcased on his dedicated website. Beyond the courtroom and the runway, Jake collaborates with a theater group at Dance Dimension Studio, demonstrating his diverse interests. Fans get a sneak peek into Jake’s life through his engaging social media presence, where he not only shares snippets of his legal and fashion endeavors but also offers a glimpse into his culinary talents by sharing recipes for his delectable dishes.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Jake actively participates in events like marathons, emphasizing a holistic approach to his well-rounded lifestyle. Adding a touch of romance to his journey, Jake found love with Courtney Smith, a heartwarming connection that blossomed in 2019. As Jake continues to navigate the varied facets of his life, he remains a captivating figure for fans who are eager to witness the unfolding chapters of his legacy.

Katurah Topps is a Licensed Bar Member

Katurah Topps, a formidable semi-finalist and Civil Rights Lawyer, has taken her journey to new heights. Beyond the courtroom, she has ventured into the world of merchandise with House of Katurah and a cameo. Katurah’s commitment to LGBTQ+ representation is evident as she proudly confirmed her sexuality on Twitter, celebrating the diversity on ‘Survivor 45.’ Licensed by both the New York State Bar Association and the Virginia State Bar, Katurah’s legal journey has taken her through notable organizations like the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, Hein Law Firma, and the Georgetown Appellate Litigation Clinic.

In a surprising twist, Katurah received an unforgettable video call from popstar Sia, who declared her the Favorite of the show and awarded her a generous $100,000. This unexpected recognition not only affirmed Katurah’s legacy but also highlighted the impact she has made on and off the island. As Katurah continues to champion civil rights, her story unfolds as a testament to resilience, authenticity, and the transformative power of ‘Survivor.’

Julie Alley is a Truth and Wealth Advisor

Julie Alley, a formidable contestant making it to the top 5, is a testament to resilience and reinvention. A single mom of two, Taylor and Christopher, Julie’s life before the show was a tapestry of diverse experiences. Julie’s journey took a significant turn at the age of 40 when she decided to start law school after a divorce. Passing the bar exam in 2018, Julie embraced a new career path, becoming an associate attorney at Hooper Zinn & McNamee, PLLC. Her legal acumen has further contributed to Legacy Law Group, where she currently serves as a truth and wealth advisor at Pinnacle Financial Partners.

Balancing the demands of her professional life, Julie finds joy and companionship in Leo, her loyal black lab. Additionally, she is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, adding a touch of historical legacy to her multifaceted life. Julie’s commitment to both her career and family is truly inspiring.

Drew Basile is Now Pursuing a Master’s Degree at Oxford

Two Drews at the Survivor costume party #Survivor45

— Drew Basile (@DrewBasile45) January 9, 2024

Drew Basile, a contestant known for his post-show adventures, embarked on a refreshing trip to Korea right after the season aired. Building strong connections with fellow contestants like Austin Li Coon, Julie Alley, and Dee Valladares, Drew’s life is marked by camaraderie and shared experiences. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Oxford, Drew’s academic journey continues to unfold. Having completed his Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature/Letters from the University of Pennsylvania in 2023, Drew showcases a passion for literature and a commitment to academic pursuits.

Emily Flippen is a Financial Analyst and Legal Advisor

Emily Flippen, the Financial Analyst and Legal Advisor at The Motley Fool, has carved a niche in her professional journey. Focused on consumer-facing brands and high-growth disruptive businesses, Emily brings her expertise to the forefront. Additionally, she wears the hat of a podcast host at The Motley Fool, showcasing her ability to communicate financial insights with a broader audience. A member of the National Forensics League, Emily currently resides in Maryland.

In a candid revelation to Parade, she shared that she’s been in a relationship with Erik for almost a decade. After the show, Emily reflected on her personal growth, acknowledging that the show prompted a change within her. Discussing her journey towards marriage with Entertainment Weekly, she humorously admitted to the initial focus on her boyfriend during the show, emphasizing a newfound perspective on self-identity and getting married. As she navigates her evolving personal life, Emily’s trajectory continues to be one of growth, both professionally and personally.

Bruce Perreault is Now an Established Realtor

Bruce Perreault, a US Navy Veteran, has transitioned into the realm of real estate as the founder of Bruce Perreault Real Estate. Happily married to Melinda Duggan Perreault, Bruce takes pride in his family, which includes daughter Sydnee and son Dylan. His contributions extend beyond real estate as he actively participates in fundraisers and community events, earning him recognition in local newspapers. Bruce’s professional portfolio includes roles as an Account Executive at Expert Insurance Agency and a Realtor at Williams & Stuart Real Estate. Currently residing in Warwick, Rhode Island, Bruce’s journey reflects a commitment to family, community, and entrepreneurial success.

Kendra McQuarrie is Now a Tarot Card Reader

Kendra McQuarrie, once a bartender, has embraced a unique path as a resident astrologer and tarot card reader. Initiating her venture, Happy To Be Here, Kendra provides her services through this platform. Currently residing in New Mexico, Kendra’s journey showcases a blend of spiritual exploration and entrepreneurship.

Kellie Nalbandian is a Family Nurse Practitioner

Kellie Nalbandian, a dedicated nurse, has made significant strides in her career. Serving as a Staff Nurse in CT Surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital since 2020, she brings her expertise to the medical field. Furthering her education, Kellie is pursuing an MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner at Yale University until 2024. In her personal life, Kellie got engaged to her long-time girlfriend, Gabrielle, in 2022, marking a joyous milestone. Adding a tech-savvy dimension to her journey, Kellie is also active on Twitch, showcasing her multifaceted interests and creating a unique space for engagement with her audience.

Kaleb Gebrewold is a Strategic Sales and Marketing Coach

Kaleb Gebrewold, a Strategic Sales and Marketing Coach, currently serves as the Program Director at Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing. Known for his unconventional yet successful career trajectory, Kaleb brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having previously worked with Robert Half, he now excels in software sales while working remotely for the past five years.

In a candid interview with Parade Magazine, Kaleb reflected on his knack for problem-solving, narrating instances from his past, from starting a painting business at 17 to adding security and Christmas light arms to his ventures. Always figuring things out on the fly, Kaleb exudes confidence in his ability to adapt, connect with people, and make things work—traits that undoubtedly served him well in the unpredictable terrain of ‘Survivor.’

Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup is Going To Be a Father

Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup, known for his proficiency in Tai Chi, martial arts, and diverse occupational journey, is a man of many talents. From working at Walmart to owning a bar, and a gym by the name of 5 Elements Fit, and venturing into music as a guitarist, producer, and lyricist, Sifu’s evolution is awe-inspiring. Residing in Illinois, Sifu is the Head Instructor and Owner at Alsup Martial Arts School. Beyond his martial arts prowess, Sifu’s musical endeavors, including his album “Heal Now,” released on September 22, 2023, add a harmonious note to his multifaceted life. Engaged to Courtnie Johnson, the couple now eagerly anticipates the arrival of their baby in April 2024.

Janani “J. Maya” Krishnan-Jha Has Released New Singles

Known by her stage name J. Maya, Janani Krishnan Jha is not only an American singer-songwriter but also the youngest International Pun Champion in history. Venturing into 2023 with singles like “The Maze” and “Hellbent,” J. Maya is committed to exploring diverse world mythologies as part of her 2024 resolution. Her recent visit to the Mayan ruins in Chacchoben, Mexico, marks the beginning of this immersive journey.

Brandon “Brando” Meyer is a Software Developer

Brandon “Brando” Meyer, a Software Developer who proudly claims to be a Pokémon Master, is making waves in the tech world. Dating Hannah Albin, Brandon was previously associated with Amazon Web Services and chose to self-publish a children’s book about coding, titled Kota and the Animal Park, in 2021. Originally from Southern California, Brandon made Seattle his full-time home in 2022. With a penchant for coding and a creative spirit, Brando’s journey showcases a perfect blend of tech expertise and artistic pursuits.

Sean Edwards is a School Principal Today

Sean Edwards, now a dedicated School Principal, embarked on ‘Survivor’ for the adventure of a lifetime, only to discover that his true adventure lies with his husband, Matt Doane. The couple, often seen sharing their romantic escapades on social media, has a deep connection. Sean, who holds a Doctorate in Human Connection, left the show to prioritize his life with Matt. Their shared love for travel and each other paints a beautiful picture of companionship. In an interview with KUTV, Sean expressed his realization, saying, “I came on ‘Survivor’ for an adventure of a lifetime, reclaiming lost time, and I realize that my true adventure of a lifetime is with my husband, Matt.”

Sabiyah Broderick is Now a Truck Driver

My Jbae 😍@J0rdii__

— Sabiyah Broderick (@auntbeezy_) December 12, 2023

Sabiyah Broderick, a Marine Corps veteran with a background as an Aviation Logistics Specialist, has transitioned into a new chapter of her life as a truck driver. Her journey post-‘Survivor’ showcases resilience and adaptability. Sabiyah, who is currently in a relationship with Jordi, continues to navigate challenges, demonstrating the same determination that defined her military service.

Brandon Donlon is a Content Producer

Brandon Donlon, a content producer, reflects on the journey, acknowledging the rollercoaster of emotions that come with anticipating and reliving the aired episodes. Despite facing challenges and potential online negativity, Brandon embraces the freedom and joy that sharing his ‘Survivor’ journey brings. In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said, “This morning I feel so free. I feel this weight is off my shoulders.”

Hannah Rose Has a YouTube Channel

Survivor 45: Where Are The Contestants Now? (2)

Hannah Rose is the resilient psychotherapist and Founder & Clinical Director of Rose Wellness. While talking to EW News, she revealed the harsh realities that she faced during ‘Survivor,’ including hunger, shelter challenges, and relentless weather. Though she was the first to leave the season, her strength and determination remain evident in her professional pursuits. Living in Baltimore City, Hannah channels her experiences into personal growth and business development, distancing herself from social media while focusing on her well-being and the growth of Rose Wellness. Additionally, she shares her insights and experiences through her YouTube channel, providing a platform for self-expression and resilience.

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Survivor 45: Where Are The Contestants Now? (2024)
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