Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (2024)

Happy New Year Veggies!

With a brand new year now upon us, we once again have the opportunity to approach life in a healthier way.Paying tribute to Veganuary (Vegan + January), I have rounded up a selection of nutritious and healthfulvegan recipes by my favourite vegan and vegetarian bloggers. This round up includes meal ideas through the day, snacks and desserts. There is definitely no compromise on taste and deliciousness here. Being vegan has never been easier and more flavourful. There is no excuse not to try these recipes this Veganuary. It’s time for a New You! Don’t forget to tag us on the Instagram photos of recipes you make!! @edgyveg

Now, starting with the most important meal of the day…


Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (1)
This super easy and delicious breakfastis perfect toprep the night before for aspeedygrab and go meal in the morning. With chocolate as the main ingredient, it’s packed full of protein and will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Get my recipe here.

Banana Split Smoothie (Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free)

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (2)
Don’t be fooled by this smoothie’s dessert-like appearance, it’s actually a very healthy breakfast option! This recipe was put together by Lauren Kelly Nutition, and you can get the full recipe here.

Cinnamon AppleNoodle Breakfast Bowl With Candied Nuts

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (3)
This simple recipe makes for a greatbreakfast that is gluten-free and grain free, with very little prep time. It requiresa spiralizer for making theapple zoodles. Pair it with coconut yogurt to keep this dish vegan. Get this recipe by Athletic Avocadohere.

Raspberry-Oatmeal Breakfast Wedges

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (4)Breakfast pie anyone? If you are gluten intolerant, do not fret, this breakfast can be made gluten-free simply by using certified oats and oat flour. This recipe by A Dash of Compassion also doubles as a great go to snack option as well.Get the recipe here.

Golden Turmeric Smoothie

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (5)

This breakfast smoothie uses turmeric which has incredible health benefits and adds a sunshine like colour. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and helps balance mood and blood sugar.This recipe also consists of fresh mangos, pineapple, bananas, soy milk, peanuts and dates. Get the recipe by Two City Vegans here.


Easy Vegan Fajitas (Dinner Under 15 Minutes)

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (6)

This scrumptious fajita recipe is not only great tasting but actually takes only 15 minutes or less to make start to finish (unless you’re a slow veggie chopper). Get my recipe here.

5 Minute Cashew Kale Pesto Pasta

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (7)
If you are looking for a dinner option that is light and super last to make, this is it. Using zucchini and a spiralizer, this dish cuts all the unwanted carbs, unhealthy cheese and refined flour, while providingthesame comfort of atraditional bowl of pasta. Get this recipe over at Carolyn’s Pantry here.

Gloriously Golden Red Lentil Dal (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (8)
There is something super comforting about this dish. The aroma of the ingredients (including cumin, cinnamon and coriander seeds) make this meal so pleasant, even before you take your first bite. Get this recipe by Delicious Everyday here.

VeganGyros With Jackfruit And CreamyTzatziki

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (9)
These street-style gyros are so authentic tasting, thenon-vegans won’t even know that these babies aremeatless! Packed with flavour, and super easy to whip us, these gyro recipe by Zena n Zaatar are a great dinner option. You can get their recipe here.

BBQ TofuAnd Braised Garlic Kale BowlWith5-Minute Ranch

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (10)
This bowl consists of the good stuff, including a 5 minute vegan ranch dressing recipe (or you could buy vegan ranch dressing and skip this step). The food prep is painless and the results are pleasurable. Get Cheftographer’s recipe here.

Thai Soba Noodles Recipe With Peanut Sauce (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (11)
In as little as 5 minute prep time and 10 minutes cook time, you can have the vegan noodle bowl of your dreams. This meal is packed full of sweet Thai flavour and delicious nutrient dense ingredients, you will love it! Get my recipe here.


Easy Vegan Egg Fried Rice

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (12)
Using 3 simple ingredients (rice, chives and tofu), this dish kicks out the traditional egg ingredient, making it a quick and easy vegan go to meal.Get this recipe by The Lazy Broccoli here.

Smashed Potato VeganNachos

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (13)
When I first discovered this recipe by The Crunchy Chronicles, I could hardly contain my excitement. Nachos and smash potatoes united into one scrumptious concoction? Yes please! Find the recipe here.

Quick One-PotVeggieAnd Wild RiceSoup

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (14)
This hardy soup option is both delightful and filling. This recipe by the Where You Get Your Protein blog also comes with instructions for making French bread, a match made in heaven. Get the recipe here.

Vegetarian Breakfast Sausage Patty

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (15)

These vegetarian sausage patties are the best you will ever have in your life! Have them for breakfast, or as a side dish with lunch or dinner. Get my recipe here.

Thai Noodle Salad Recipe

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (16)

This salad is easy tossed together in a matter of minutes, and is the perfect meal to throw all your veggies together with the exotic tastes of Thailand. Get my recipe here.


Vegan Soft Pretzels

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (17)
These vegan pretzels are super easy and fun to make, and are equally fun to share and eat! Learn how to make your own over at the Broke Foodies blog here.

Homemade Nutella Recipe

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (18)
Life without nutella is dull. So if you thought that being a healthy vegan meant no more nutella, well rest assured, you can now enjoy this decadent spread once more with my NEW-tella recipe. Get it here.

Creamy Avocado Hummus

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (19)
This creamy avocado hummus is soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and oh so smooth and delicious! You will want to eat this goodness with everything. Make your own by following Yumsome’s recipe here.

Spicy Lentil and PotatoCroquettes

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (20)
It’s not very often that you will find lentils in a dish other than soup, but these croquettes prove that lentils can be enjoyed creative ways. You can also enjoythem as mini-burger patties. Get this recipe over at My Yellow Apron here.


Aquafaba ChocolateMousse – 3 Ingredients(Vegan+ Gluten-Free)

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (21)

Aquafaba is the liquid found in a can of chickpeas and is usually thrown out. But with the help of a little vegan alchemy, this once valueless liquidcan be transformed into vegan chocolate mousse. Get this magical recipe by Vanilla Crunnch here.

Vegan Mocha CheesecakeBites (Gluten-Free)

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (22)
These vegan mocha cheesecake bites are to die for. Thank goodness they are designed for portion control, making them a healthy treat to indulge in. Get the recipe by Vegan Huggs over here.

Vegan Chocolate Truffles (Gluten-Free)

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (23)

These easy vegan and gluten free truffles are decadent and heavenly and use just 2 ingredients. These vegan truffles couldn’t be easier, and they are a great base for many different variations.Make your own by following my recipe here.

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (24)

Learn how to make vegan green tea ice cream using matcha, coconut milk & cashews. Coconut milk is a high fat milk that makes creamy, delicious ice cream. The cashews again add to the fat content, which will help to ensure that your vegan ice cream does not crystalize like cheap water based ice creams.Learn how to make thismatcha green tea by following my recipe here.

Easy Healthy Recipes | Veganuary Recipe Inspiration VEGAN (2024)


What is a vegan meal? ›

A vegan diet is based on plants (such as vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits) and foods made from plants. Vegans do not eat foods that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs.

How to make vegan food taste good? ›

But there are some simple steps we can take to make our plant-based meals taste flavorful and satisfying.
  1. Start with fresh ingredients. Any chef will tell you the best food starts with the best ingredients. ...
  2. Include a protein source. ...
  3. Add some herbs & spices. ...
  4. Come hungry. ...
  5. Add the secret ingredient.
Apr 4, 2024

What are filling foods for vegans? ›

Plant-based foods you can add to your meals to help improve satiety
  • Lentils. Lentils are an economical and readily available ingredient that are used as staples in most plant-forward meals. ...
  • Chia seeds. ...
  • Oats. ...
  • Chickpeas. ...
  • Walnuts or Almonds. ...
  • Sweet Potatoes. ...
  • Brussels Sprouts. ...
  • Avocado.

What is the 7 day vegan challenge? ›

No meat, poultry, seafood, dairy or eggs for 7 days (any 7 straight days). Announce to your friends, family, followers that you're doing the challenge. Add your name to the list of Challengers. Use the recipes/meal plans on this site if you like.

Is vegan really healthier? ›

While several studies have shown that a vegan diet (VD) decreases the risk of cardiometabolic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, veganism has been associated with adverse health outcomes, namely, nervous, skeletal, and immune system ...

What is the most delicious vegan food in the world? ›

Top 20 global vegan recipes
  1. Ponzu tofu poke bowl. ...
  2. Veggie yaki udon. ...
  3. Sesame & spring onion stir-fried udon with crispy tofu. ...
  4. Sesame & ginger sushi bowls. ...
  5. Vegan ramen. ...
  6. Seitan & black bean stir-fry. ...
  7. Vegan paella. ...
  8. Padron peppers.
Aug 16, 2023

Why do I feel so good eating vegan? ›

You may feel a difference after just a few healthy plant-based meals. Vegan foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes are rich in fiber, which promotes good digestion by reducing the amount of sugar your blood absorbs.

Is peanut butter vegan? ›

The bottom line. Most types of peanut butter are free of animal products and can be enjoyed as part of a vegan diet. However, some varieties are made in facilities that also process animal products or contain refined sugar that was produced using bone char or non-vegan ingredients like honey or fish oil.

What are vegans most deficient in? ›

Intake and status of vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, zinc, iodine, calcium and bone turnover markers were generally lower in plant-based dietary patterns compared to meat-eaters. Vegans had the lowest vitamin B12, calcium and iodine intake, and also lower iodine status and lower bone mineral density.

Why I quit vegan? ›

One of the primary reasons people quit veganism is health concerns. While veganism can be a healthy and sustainable diet when done correctly. Some individuals may experience inadequate nutrition and deficiencies due to a lack of knowledge about plant-based sources of essential nutrients.

How many pounds do vegans lose a week? ›

This gradual calorie reduction can lead to a sustainable weight loss of about 1-2 pounds per week. Optimize Protein Intake: Ensure adequate protein consumption by incorporating various plant-based protein sources such as legumes, tofu, tempeh, seitan, and plant-based protein powders.

Do you lose weight as a vegan? ›

A new study finds that following a plant-based diet is more associated with weight loss for overweight adults than a standard omnivorous diet. It also concludes that the quality of such a diet makes a difference when it comes to how much weight is lost.

Do vegans eat pasta? ›

Do vegans eat pasta? Most packaged pasta—including spaghetti, penne, and more—is vegan. It's worth checking the label to be sure, as some pasta contains eggs, but most of the pasta you see on the supermarket shelves is 100% vegan!

Are eggs vegan? ›

While eggs are included in a standard vegetarian diet they are excluded from a vegan diet, along with all animal-derived foods, like honey.

Can vegans eat bread? ›

The simple answer is yes; vegans can eat bread. However, not all bread is created equal, and it's essential to check the ingredients list or labelling to ensure the bread is vegan-friendly. Some bread contains animal-derived ingredients such as eggs, milk, or honey, which are unsuitable for vegans.

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