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Download cheat.db zip file and Cwcheat Database for PPSSPP Emulator apk 2023, and updated for the year 2024 to work on Android and PC. This allows you to use and apply cheats/tricks on your psp Emulator playing many iso or Rom game file. This is a file that you can download online that contains thousands of codes for many different PSP games.

This post will guide you on how to download Cwcheat and use PPSSPP cheats on PSP emulator. You can apply cheats to anyPPSSPP game you want, but you need to follow the right steps to achieve it.You will be able to download and import the latest cheat.db and .ini files for PPSSPP which you can use on the game of your choice.

[Download] cheat.db zip/Cwcheat Database 2023/2024 for PPSSPP Emulator apk works on Android and PC - Wapzola (1)


This updated cheat.db and Cwcheat Database is available to download for free on Google Drive and Mediafire. Some of these cheat codes work better when using the CWCheat plug-in and it will always be updated with the latest codes and games list. Therefore, if you want a faster game and a less stressful gaming experience and want to use cheats to achieve your goal, this post is for you.

To learn more about PPSSPP emulators, you can check out my previous articles on the subject.Also, there are so many PPSSPP games that you can download from this post.So I’m sure you’re familiar with PSP games and PPSSPP emulators, so let’s jump right into the cheats.

(Video Tutorial)How To Use Cheat Codes With (Cheat.db)PPSSPP Emulator on Android Smartphones

(Video Tutorial) How To Use Cheat Codes (Cheat.db) With PSP Emulator on Windows Computer/Laptop

Features Of CwCheat Database/cheat.db for PPSSPP Emulator Android and Pc

  • Easily add and edit CWcheat database codes.
  • Supports CWcheat POPs codes (Switch to POPs mode in the ‘configure’ menu).
  • Easily create and joker any existing codes.
    Condensed Code creator.
  • ‘Quick Paste’ codes to an existing database.
  • User-friendly interface, small footprint.
  • Fully supports PSP and POPs codes.

Cwcheat Database Stats
1. Total Games: 1810
2. Total Code Names: 44322
3. Total Codes: 130204
1. Extra Games Added
2. Extra Code Names Added
3. Extra Code Added

How to Manually convert a game cheat from a .txt to a .db (Cheat.db as a .txt file)

Step 1: To get started create a “Text Document” file inside of the Cheats folder in your PSP directory and name it Cheat. Incase you’ve forgotten this is the same folder that the auto generated files go when you create them by clicking “Edit Cheat File” in the PPSSPP Emulator Menu.

If you don’t have file extensions turned on then turn them on so you can see the suffix of this file, .txt. You’ll find the ability to turn on File Extensions by opening any folder on a Windows 10 computer and going into the upper right hand corner (pictured below). If you’re using a mac, phone or some past/future version of windows Google how to enable file extensions. It’s usually an easy to find toggle option that you can turn on and off.

Now what you’ll want to do is follow my link below which will take you to a .txt version of the Cheat.db file. What you need to do is copy everything on this page and paste it inside of your Cheat.txt file; once you’ve done this save the file. Then you will want to right click the Cheat.txt file and change the .txt file extension to .db.

Cheat.db as a .txt fileDownload

[Download] cheat.db zip/Cwcheat Database 2023/2024 for PPSSPP Emulator apk works on Android and PC - Wapzola (2)


If you do this correctly you’ll make your file look like the first one in the picture above, “cheat.db” with the two cogs on it. So long as this file is inside of the correct folder on your computer ((PPSSPP root directory > memstick > PSP > Cheats)) then all you need to do is select “Import from cheat.db” while in a game and it’ll auto download all of the available cheats for you.

Requirements for using Cheat database

  • PPSSPP emulator or PPSSPP Gold
  • Cwcheat emulator for PPSSPP
  • Android version: 4.0 and above
  • RAM: 1 GB

How to Download cheat.db zip file/Cwcheat Database 2023/2024 for PSP Emulator iso games

The cheat program used on the PSP / PPSSPP is called “Cwcheat”. It is the first official cheat engine used on the PSP and PPSSPP platforms to activate functions like Gameshark or Action Replay during a game. It is also available as an external plugin for PSP consoles. All updated versions are now available on Besoccer cheatdb links Or Micwiz Cheatdb links

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2024 recent updated Version Mediafire link

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2023 recent updated Version 2023 version Mediafire link

Download CWCheat.zip Database Editor for PPSSPP Emulator Mediafire

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2023 recent updated Version 2023 version Mediafire link

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2019 Version Mediafire link

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2019 Version Mediafire link2019 version (Mediafire link)

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2018 Version Mediafire link

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2018 Version Mediafire link2018 version (Mediafire link)

Download Cheat.db 2020 Version Mediafire link

Download PPSSPP Cheat.db 2020 Version Mediafire link2020 version (Mediafire link)

Download Cheat.db Latest Version complete database 2021 from Mediafire

Download Cheat.db Latest Version complete database 20212021 latest version (Mediafire link)

Cheat.db 2021 Complete Version database from Mediafire

Cheat.db 2021 Complete Version database2021 latest version (Mediafire link)

Download CWcheat.db for ppsspp psp Emulator updated year 2022

DOWNLOAD Cheat.db for ppsspp emulator psp Android and PC Updated database for year 2022

Download Updated CWCheat-Database-Plus- Version github link

Download CWCheat-Database-Plus- VersionDatabase-Plus updated

How to use and apply cheats on PPSSPP with CWCheats database for Android

To use the PPSSPP cheat, you need to install the latest PPSSPP gold application, or PPSSPP emulator, then download the latest version of Cwcheat for PPSSPP and import the cheat.db file into your PPSSPP emulator. We have explained the procedures in detail and you can see it by scrolling down.

You can apply cheats to your PPSSPP game by simply opening the game and exiting it, then PPSSPP will create a folder called “Cheats” and a .ini named the same as the game ID and title. follow the phone guides below, step by step:

  1. Install the latest PSP Gold emulator on your Android device.How to Download and install PPSSPP Emulator Free and Gold Version Apk for Android and Pc
  2. Download the Cheat database.zip file from the links already provided in this article and extract it using theZArchiverapp.
  3. Copy the “cheat.db” file to this path SdCard> PSP> Cheats.But if the “Cheats” folder does not exist in the “PSP Folder”, create it yourself.
  4. Now play any game and then press the back (menu) button to enter the “PPSSPP menu”. Go to “Game Settings”, click “System”, scroll down to find and mark “Enable Cheats”.Then go back, you will see the “Cheats” option in the PPSSPP menu, if it is not available, just relaunch the game.
  5. Now in the PPSSPP menu, choose the “Cheats” option and click on “Import from cheat.db”.
  6. Return to your game for a few moments to reactivate the cheat codes.After playing, return to the “Cheats” menu once more.You should now see the selection of cheat codes, but if it still doesn’t, just relaunch the game.

How to use and apply cheats on PPSSPP with CWCheats database on Windows pc operating system

For Windows, follow all the steps above but copy the cheats database file to this Folder: \ PPSSPP \ PSP \ Cheats directory if you are using the PPSSPP installer on Windows.

Important tips

After restarting the game and if the cheat selection does not appear, the game may not be available in the CWcheat database.
* In this case, check the cheater you want to activate and cheat!
* Always save your “game progress” also known as “in-game save” as most cheat effects may not go away if you load your game in the save state, even after restarting the PPSSPP application.

Where can I download highly compressed ISO, ROM, and CSO game files for my PPSSPP Emulator

You candownload your Rom files from our PPSSPP iso Category here on wapzola.com. Our ROM files are highly compressed and in full versions hosted on Mediafire, Google drive, and direct links. You can play on PSP Emulator Apk on your Android/iOS device, including windows computer or Mac easily without a need for external game controllers or console device-via PPSSPP.

Best Settings For PSP ISO Games: PPSSPP Gold apk Emulator on Android phones

This is the best settings to play games iso, CSO, and rom Playstation Portable on all android phones with 100% full speed using PPSSPP Gold Emulator. Check out below:

Best Settings For PPSSPP/PSP Emulator on Android smartphones and PC (100% Lag fix and solve sound problems)

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[Download] cheat.db zip/Cwcheat Database 2023/2024 for PPSSPP Emulator apk works on Android and PC - Wapzola (3)

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[Download] cheat.db zip/Cwcheat Database 2023/2024 for PPSSPP Emulator apk works on Android and PC - Wapzola (2024)
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