Destiny 2: The Best Hunter Solar 3.0 Build (2024)

Updated June 8, 2022: Replaced Ember of Ashes with Ember of Empyrean.

By creatingthe bestHunterSolar 3.0 build inDestiny 2duringSeason of theHaunted, players can performwell in endgame activities. The complete overhaul of the Solar subclass inDestiny 2 has given Hunters more accessibility to a variety of builds and playstyles,andSeason of the Hauntedallows players to build their Hunters for max damage against bosses and crowd control. With the temporary addition of the Classy Restoration seasonal artifact mod, Hunters can also make the most of their dodge ability to survive an overwhelming amount of enemies.

Additionally, a major change to the Resilience Character Stat in Destiny 2also determines how the best Hunter Solar 3.0 builds should be created. When any Guardian has a tier 10 Resilience stat, they'll have a 40% increase in their damage resistance from all combatants. "Combatants" specifically refers to any enemy in PvE activities, and the change to the Resilience stat makes a significant difference in endgame activities, such as the new Duality dungeon.


Regardless of the abilities, armor mods, and anything else that players choose to use for their Hunter Solar 3.0 build, all builds should focus on maxing out the Mobility and Resilience character stats. Resilience should be focused on for the aforementioned reasoning, but Mobility is another important stat for Hunters because it affects the frequency of how often they can use their dodge ability. While Void 3.0 Hunter builds in Destiny 2can use their dodge ability to make themselves invisible, Solar Hunters can take advantage of the Classy Restoration mod. While this mod is equipped, activating a Solar class ability will grant restoration for a brief time. This essentially allows Hunters to self-heal after using their dodge ability, and it's a feature that players cannot afford to pass up.

The Best Hunter Solar 3.0 Build (Aspects, Fragments, & Abilities)

Destiny 2: The Best Hunter Solar 3.0 Build (1)

The primary objectives of this Hunter Solar 3.0 build are to repeatedly apply enoughscorchto targets, have theradiantandrestorationeffects applied as frequently as possible, andcreate as many elemental wells as possible to deal maximum damage. Scorch is a stacking effect that burns enemies and deals damage over time, and if enough scorch is applied to targets then they willignite and explode. For an activity like the Duality dungeon in Destiny 2, having as much scorch applied to targets as possible is essential in order to deal with the mass amount of enemies in each encounter. Being radiant improves damage output, while the restoration effect allows players to automatically generate health and shields over time without being interrupted. Lastly, elemental wells will help Hunters keep these effects active with the correct armor mods.

  • Super: Blade Barrage
  • Exotic Armor: Shards of Galanor. Hits and kills with Blade Barrage will return up to half of the Super energy once it ends.
  • Gambler'sDodge: Dodging near enemies recharges the melee ability.
  • Knife Trick: Throw a fan of flaming knives thatscorchtargets on hit.
  • Grenade: Preference
  • Knock 'Em Down(Aspect): Blade Barrage launches more projectiles. Whileradiant, final blows with any equippedthrowing knife fully refund melee energy. This Aspect is great for all Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit activities in Destiny 2, as well as all endgame modes.
  • On Your Mark(Aspect): Precision final blows grant players and nearby allies increased weapon handling and reload speed for a short duration. Stacks three times. Activating the class ability immediately grants stacks ofOn Your Mark.
  • Ember of Solace(Fragment):Radiantandrestorationeffects applied to players have increased duration.
  • Ember ofEmpyrean(Fragment): Solar weapons or ability final blows extend the duration of restorationandradiant effects. Subtracts -10 Resilience.
  • Ember of Singeing(Fragment): Class ability recharges faster whentargetsarescorched.
  • Emberof Searing(Fragment): Defeatingscorchedtargets grants melee energy. Adds +10 Recovery.
  • Ember ofTorches(Fragment): Powered melee attacks against combatants make players and nearby alliesradiant.

The Best Hunter Solar 3.0 Build (Weapons & Armor Mods)

Destiny 2: The Best Hunter Solar 3.0 Build (2)

The aforementioned Aspects, Fragments, and abilities for the best Hunter Solar 3.0 build in Destiny 2lay the groundwork for all effects thatshouldbe constantly applied to targets. However, without the correct armor mods, it will be difficult to keep each effect up as their duration can end because the necessary abilities are recharged. While players should prioritize high Mobility and Resilience stats for their Hunter, armor mods that create elemental wells, increase damage after picking up an elemental well, regenerate class and melee ability energy, and increase damage resistance are considered to be just as important.


  • Helmet(Arc): Character Stat mod, 2x Hands-On, Seeking Wells (if it can fit).
  • Gauntlets(Void): Character Stat mod, 2x Focusing Strike, Melee Wellmaker.
  • Chest(Preference): Character Stat mod, Armor of the Dying Star,preference damage resistance mod, Font of Might. In this build, Font of Might is perfect for increasing the damage of Solar weapons in Destiny 2 like the Calus Mini-Tool SMG.
  • Leg(Solar): Character Stat mod, Innervation, Recuperation, Well of Life.
  • Cloak(Arc option): Character stat mod, One-Two Finisher, Classy Restoration, Seeking Wells (if it doesn't fit on the helmet).
  • Cloak(Solar option): Character Stat mod, Bomber (if there is no need for a Character Stat mod) Classy Restoration, Bountiful Wells.

Unlike the weapons, armor mods, Aspects, Fragments, and abilities, Hunters have a bit more flexibility when it comes to the weapon choices they can use. However, it's best to keep at least one Solar energy weapon that uses primary ammo on hand simply because these weapons never run out of ammo. Hunters can pick up the elemental wells they create to bolster the damage output of these weapons thanks to the Font of Might armor mod.

Additionally, Kinetic or Stasis weapons in Destiny 2 like the Riptide Fusion Rifleor Lingering Dread Grenade Launcher are perfect to pair alongside the likes of Solar SMGs, Hand Cannons, and Sidearms for the majority of activities. Lastly, in PvE activities where a boss is present and surrounded by multiple enemies, Hunters may want to consider using a Solar weapon that takes special ammo like the Cartesian Coordinate to take advantage of the same damage mod.

  • Kinetic(Primary Ammo):Preference
  • Kinetic(Special Ammo): Preference
  • Solar Energy(Primary Ammo): Calus Mini-Tool, Death Adder, Drang (Baroque), Staccato-46, BXR-55 Battler, Redback-5SI, Punching Out, Annual Skate, OGMA PR6
  • Solar Energy(Special Ammo): Cartesian Coordinate, The Long Walk, Lubrae's Ruin, Ikelos_SR_V1.0.2, Iota Draconis
  • Power(Mostly Solar): Gjallarhorn, Cataclysmic, Sleeper Stimulant, Sola's Scar, Stormchaser (Arc Linear Fusion Rifle), Xenophage, Lament

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Destiny 2is available onPC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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Destiny 2: The Best Hunter Solar 3.0 Build (2024)
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