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The best Destiny 2 Hunter builds for both PvP and PvE require you to strike a balance between your Exotic armor pieces and the weapons that you use. So here’s a quick guide that will help you create the best builds for both modes.

Hunters in Destiny 2 are known for moving around the map swiftly and dealing a huge amount of damage. Although they’ve slowly turned into a support class, Hunters are capable of dealing a lot of damage in endgame PvE activities and can be downright lethal in PvP.

As a Hunter, you have multiple Exotics at your disposal. You can factor in these Exotics to perfect your build, irrespective of the activity that you’re planning on participating in.

That said, here’s the best Hunter build for both PvP and PvE activities in Destiny 2.

Best Destiny 2 PvE Hunter build

In Season of the Wish, the Solar subclass has received a considerable buff. So most of the Hunter PvE builds that you will be using in this season will revolve around the Solar subclass itself.

The Super ability that you use will depend upon the boss in the encounter, but for the most part, using the Golden Gun during boss DPS phases is recommended over Blade Barrage.

Here are all the components of the best Solar Hunter build in Destiny 2 currently:

Stat Priority

In the current Destiny 2 environment, you need to focus on your Resilience stat first because it grants you damage resistance. Next, you need to focus on your Mobility because it influences how quickly your class ability cools down.

Finally, you also need to focus on your Discipline stat because that will affect how quickly your Grenade ability cools down.


  • Super: Golden Gun (Deadshot) /Blade Barrage
  • Jump: Triple Jump
  • Grenade: Healing Grenade
  • Melee: Knife Trick
  • Class Ability: Gambler’s Dodge

Fragments and Aspects

  • Aspects:
    • Knock ’em Down
    • On Your Mark
  • Fragments
    • Ember of Empyrean
    • Ember of Singeing
    • Ember of Torches
    • Ember of Solace
    • Ember of Benevolence

Best Destiny 2 PvE Hunter build Exotics

Depending upon your playstyle, there are a few Exotics that you can use with the best Hunter build in Destiny 2. You can swap between them depending on the activity you’re playing. The Exotics you need are:

  • Celestial Nighthawk
  • Star Eater Scales
  • Assassin’s Cowl

When using Celestial Nighthawk, use Deadshot for increased damage. If you’re using Blade Barrage, then use Star Eater Scales.

Best Destiny 2 Hunter builds for PvP and PvE - Charlie INTEL (2)Bungie

The Star Eater Scales increases your damage output in PvE activities.

For general content, use Assassin’s Cowl for survivability. The intrinsic perk on the armor piece will grant you invisibility whenever you get a kill with your powered melee. When it comes to boss DPS stages, use the Celestial Nighthawk if you’re using Deadshot, or Star Eater Scales if you’re using Blade Barrage.

If you’re using Blade Barrage and Star Eater Scales, ensure that you swap to the Exotic before you pick up Orbs of Power to activate the buff that the Exotic provides. However, if you’re using Deadshot, do not trigger the Super ability while standing in a Well of Radiance.

Best Destiny 2 PvP Hunter build

When it comes to PvP activities, you need to focus on neutral Exotics for the most part. Fortunately, Destiny 2 Hunters have access to some Exotic builds that are best used for PvP activities. Unlike PvE activities, you can go ahead and use the Void subclass instead.

Here’s how you can create the build:

Stat Priority

In PvP, you still need to focus on your Resilience stat because of the damage resistance. The next stat that you need to focus on is Recovery because that affects how quickly you recover your health in combat.

You also need to focus on the Discipline stat, for quick grenade cooldowns.

Best Destiny 2 Hunter builds for PvP and PvE - Charlie INTEL (3)Bungie

The Gemini Jester can get you out of some unfavorable situations in PvP.


  • Super: Moebius Quiver
  • Jump: Triple Jump
  • Grenade: Vortex Grenade
  • Melee: Snare Bomb
  • Class Ability: Gambler’s Dodge

Fragments and Aspects

  • Aspects:
    • Vanishing Step
    • Stylish Executioner
  • Fragments
    • Echo of Remnants
    • Echo of Starvation
    • Echo of Undermining
    • Echo of Persistence

Best Destiny 2 PvP Hunter build Exotics

The Exotics you use in PvP depend on your playstyle but you cannot swap between them because some PvP activities come with the No Swap modifier. Whenever that modifier is active, if you swap Exotic armor pieces then you lose all ability energies.

That said, the Exotics you need for the best Destiny 2 PvP Hunter builds are:

  • Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk
  • Gemini Jester

If you’re using the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk, always pair it with the Graviton Lance Exotic weapon. Not only will you get Volatile Rounds, but you will also be able to engage your enemies at a distance.

In case you’re planning on using Gemini Jester, if the enemy is pushing into your position, you can dodge and go invisible. When you dodge, you will blind enemies close to you, allowing you to swoop in for the kill.

That’s all you need to know about the best Hunter builds in Destiny 2. For more information about the game, be sure to check out the following links:

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Best Destiny 2 Hunter builds for PvP and PvE - Charlie INTEL (2024)
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